Wow! They are awesome! They are so soft and I love that I don’t have to wash them near as often as my regular bath towels.  I’m definitely saving water!!! Thank you!  Hope you will be making these available in the stores so I can tell all my family about them!

— K

Whether hung on a rack to air dry or put into a dryer, they dry much quicker than a cotton towel.  If traveling on a motorcycle (as I do sometimes) or a camping trip, the packing and drying quickly advantages are especially helpful.  Your towels dry my skin quicker than I feel has been done by cotton towels.  While cotton towels we used previously left plenty of lint in the dryer and sometimes on other clothes, your towels appear to be totally lint free.  Our son is a cross country, track and swimming athlete, using several towels a day.  The ease of drying your towels is a particular help in a household with athletes.

— EH

I tested my towels for two weeks and am thrilled. I used the washcloths to take off my stubborn mascara and wipe off my makeup. When I washed and dried the towels in my machines, they emerged soft, fluffy and bright white. I couldn’t believe it.  The towels dried (odor free) on my towel bar and, after wrapping my wet hair in the towel, my hair was dry in no time flat, saving me time and energy. Thank you!

— LE

With my house constantly filled with sick children with the flu and colds, I am very concerned with germs. Thank you for making these fantastic towels.  My family loves them and I know I’m protecting my family by using them.

— BR

As a sports enthusiast, I often use three towels each day. The Laguna Blue towels are the best towels ever for tennis, biking and hiking or any sport  I can wash a huge load of these towels and they come out crystal clean and dry so quickly I can’t believe it. Living in California, I am particularly concerned with water and appreciate a towel that helps me do my part.  Thank you.

— JC

It’s so easy to remove my makeup!  With no effort the makeup washes right off the washcloth.

— SS

When I use a cotton towel it feels like I’m spreading the water over my body. When I use the Laguna Blue™ towel, I am completely dry!

— AS