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On September 26–27, The New York Times brought together powerful leaders from many industries for its New Rules Summit: Women, Leadership and a Playbook for Change at the new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y. Decision makers from some of the largest industries attended this event. NYT assembled gift bags for the attendees featuring innovative products including our Laguna Blue SWIM towel.

These excerpts from the New Rules Summit highlight how diversity breeds innovation. At Laguna Blue, we embrace that adage. We teamed up with Olympic Gold Medal winner Summer Sanders to design our SWIM towel featured at the New Rules Summit.

Summer Sanders holding the SWIM towel outstretched facing the camera with quotes and brand information in a mock magazine cover graphic

A Towel as a Tool for Success

As an Olympian and leader in the swimming community, Summer is more than familiar with the demands and challenges facing men and women in athletics. Therefore, we designed a non-linting microfiber towel.  This fabric is light-weight and compact so that it won’t take up much space in an athletes gear bag. Also, microfiber wicks moisture away and dries quicker than cotton. As a result, athletes can pack less towels and stay cleaner longer. Most importantly, it is bacteria-resistant so that an athlete can stay at the top of their game. With the Laguna Blue SWIM towel, athletes can focus on meeting their goals.

tweet from NYTLive thanking contributors to the New Rules Summit with an image of the gift bag products

Diversity Breeds Innovation

Including Summer Sanders in our design process was instrumental in developing the SWIM towel proving that perspective is something we all bring to the table with our unique life experiences. In effect, Its with these experiences that we can all lend valuable ideas to a better, smarter future.

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With no help from the 100º weather, Laguna Blue Towels were a hit at this year’s Consumer Product Events (CPE) in NYC!

Over 400 bloggers and press outlets were in attendance — making this one of the largest CPEs to date! Our entire product line was on display include our bath towels, Active set, and new and very popular Laguna Blue Swim towels. Keeping you healthy and dry this summer, our new Swim towels come in two unique designs – Rugby Stripe and Waterdrop both in unique Laguna Blue “blue”.  Press from some of the world’s largest publications including E!, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, and PBS stopped by to check out our new line. We actually ran out of towels by the end of the event! We are so excited about our brand and for what’s ahead.

Prior to this event, our spokesperson Summer Sanders was in the Big Apple on a media tour meeting with Men’s Fitness, InTouch, Women’s Health, and Good Day FOX to name a few.  Thanks for the wonderful time as always NYC!


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As we all can agree, germs are gross! Here are our some tips to help you keep those nasty germs out of your home:

1.  The Kitchen: Germs, on germs, on germs…

Contradictory to popular knowledge, the kitchen is the most germ-ridden area in your home (that’s right, not the bathroom), and the mother of all germ transmitters…the sponge.  To all you germaphobes out there…get rid of your kitchen sponge. It is the #1 culprit in spreading germs around the home.  Similar to sponges, dish rags also transmit and carry bacteria. The common denominator here is moisture.  Any material that retains moisture in your kitchen is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.  Save your self the ickiness and upgrade your kitchen with faster drying fabrics — ditch the sponge and the cotton.

2.  The Bathroom: Germ Haven

Towels are the #1 source of germ-spreading in the bathroom.  If you’re not careful, you could use the same towel to wipe your face as someone else used to wipe down their body after the shower…GROSS. Like the kitchen, bacteria thrives on moisturized and damp objects.  Cotton towels are notorious for spreading harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E-Coli. Do yourself and your family a favor and evict your old cotton towels — it’s the 21st century.  Time for an upgrade.  Cotton towels not only take longer to dry compared to alternatives, but they also lose thickness and plushness as you wash them.

This next one may be a no-brainer, but if you haven’t replaced your toothbrushes yet this year — now is the time.  After awhile, toothbrushes develop a bacteria build-up.
This build-up is passed back to you every time you brush your teeth…YUCK.

Another helpful tip in the bathroom to reduce germs is to always flush with the lid closed.  Water vapor is emitted when you flush causing anything in your toilet’s vicinity to get contaminated (yes, including your toothbrush and face towel).

Take Aways

Pay special attention to any and all damp areas of your home. Moisture = germs.
Some products, like Laguna Blue towels, are designed to reduce the development of moisture and scientifically proven to reduce the spread of germs.  Swapping out your old towels, sponges, or any other moisture-ridden fabrics is simple way to reduce the germs in your home.  Have a fun and healthy summer!

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We need Laguna Blue now more than ever! A recent study found that dirty linens were responsible for numerous deaths at a Pittsburgh hospital.  The full article is linked below:

The likely source of a deadly mold outbreak that started in 2014 at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals was the hospitals’ linen provider, according to findings shared in emails exclusively obtained by CNN.

UPMC informed the Allegheny County Health Department, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that its independent testing led UPMC officials to believe the linens were the likely source of the outbreak, according to the emails.
Six deaths since October 2014 have been linked to heavy mold growth on linens at three UPMC hospitals — Presbyterian, Montefiore and Shadyside.


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Summer Sanders, Portrait, outside, spring, Park City, Utah

Summer Sanders

We are ecstatic to announce that Olympic gold-medal winner Summer Sanders will be our official Laguna Blue ambassador and spokesperson!

At the 1992 Olympic Games, a 19-year-old Summer Sanders won four Olympic medals, bringing home 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. The moment she hung up her Speedo, she embarked on a television career, hosting shows for MTV (Sandblast), the NBA (Inside Stuff), Nickelodeon (Figure It Out), and Fox (The Sports List, Skating with Celebrities), and acting as a correspondent for shows such as Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, and The Today Show. She has been a contestant on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” and the Food Network’s “Guy vs. Rachael Celebrity Cook-Off”. Through her production company Sanders co-created and hosted “Find Your Fitness” on MSN, and The Summer of W on ESPNW. She is most recently the co-host of CBS Sports Net’s award winning sports talk show, “We Need To Talk” and was the host of HLN’s game show “Keywords”. A health and fitness realist, Sanders is a working mom who prides herself on living a hands-on active lifestyle and being a “life is perfectly imperfect” motivator. In October of 2014, her life changed forever when she learned she had a malignant melanoma. She would discover 2 more during the next year. She is cancer free after catching them very early. Her voice and passion for skin cancer are stronger than ever as the volunteer spokesperson for John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s “Block the Blaze” education and awareness program. She also serves on the board of Right To Play (her humanitarian love for 2 decades and counting) and The USA Swimming foundation. She has two children, Skye (10) and Spider (8), with her husband Olympic skier Erik Schlopy.

Summer’s enthusiasm for health, fitness, and family perfectly embodies our mission to provide families and individuals with healthier and greener products to create a healthier environment both in and outside the home.  Please celebrate with us as we welcome Summer to the Laguna Blue family!


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Laguna Blue is proud to support the arts through our sponsorship of Beyond Cinema Magazine and the AFCI at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.  Thank you to all the festival participants, celebrities, directors, and casts and crews for stopping by our studio! We hope you enjoy our new Active Set!

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Numerous publications this holiday season have featured Laguna Blue in their Holiday Gift Guides:

Gifts for Women



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I use paper towels most of the time to dry my hands because I do not want to keep using the same cloth towel over and over again.  Let’s face it, the towel is full of germs.  If I dried my dishes with paper towels, however, I would be going through a roll a day and I am not rich and when I take a shower, I cannot dry myself using paper towels so I have to use cloth towels.  Do I wash them every single time I take a shower?…read more

Being on this ‘greener’ path for quite a few years now, I’m always searching for ways to simplify and make my life more natural. Laguna Blue helped me simplify another area of my life, TOWELS!!
Who here hates doing laundry and hates how long it takes to dry? ME!!!!
Laguna Blue towels are more absorbent than cotton towels, BUT they also dry much faster! We reuse towels in this house, so I like that I can hang up a towel after my shower and my husband can use it again in just a few hours and have it be totally dry. I dislike drying with a wet towel, but no longer with Laguna Blue!…read more