Do I need bleach to clean my Laguna Blue™ towels and keep them bright white?

No. Our unique fabric means you won’t need to rely on harmful chemicals and bleach to get them bright and clean.

Should I use dryer sheets with my Laguna Blue™ towels?

We recommend you don’t use dryer sheets. The towels will come out of your dryer fluffy and dry (in half the time).

How quickly do the towels dry as compared to my cotton towels?

Laguna Blue™ towels dry twice as fast as a cotton towel, using less energy.

I want to do my part! When I wash a full load of towels, will I be saving water with Laguna Blue™?

Yes. Based on washing a full load of our towels, you will be using 50% less water. Thank you for doing your part.

Where can I purchase Laguna Blue™ towels?

You will find Laguna Blue™ bath towels at your favorite linen retailer.

WHat are laguna blue™ towels made of?

Laguna Blue microfiber is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.