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Laguna Blue – The Smarter Towel

On September 26–27, The New York Times brought together powerful leaders from many industries for its New Rules Summit: Women, Leadership and a Playbook for Change at the new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y. Decision makers from some of the largest industries attended this event. NYT assembled gift bags for the attendees featuring innovative products including our Laguna Blue SWIM towel.

These excerpts from the New Rules Summit highlight how diversity breeds innovation. At Laguna Blue, we embrace that adage. We teamed up with Olympic Gold Medal winner Summer Sanders to design our SWIM towel featured at the New Rules Summit.

Summer Sanders holding the SWIM towel outstretched facing the camera with quotes and brand information in a mock magazine cover graphic

A Towel as a Tool for Success

As an Olympian and leader in the swimming community, Summer is more than familiar with the demands and challenges facing men and women in athletics. Therefore, we designed a non-linting microfiber towel.  This fabric is light-weight and compact so that it won’t take up much space in an athletes gear bag. Also, microfiber wicks moisture away and dries quicker than cotton. As a result, athletes can pack less towels and stay cleaner longer. Most importantly, it is bacteria-resistant so that an athlete can stay at the top of their game. With the Laguna Blue SWIM towel, athletes can focus on meeting their goals.

tweet from NYTLive thanking contributors to the New Rules Summit with an image of the gift bag products

Diversity Breeds Innovation

Including Summer Sanders in our design process was instrumental in developing the SWIM towel proving that perspective is something we all bring to the table with our unique life experiences. In effect, Its with these experiences that we can all lend valuable ideas to a better, smarter future.

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