As we all can agree, germs are gross! Here are our some tips to help you keep those nasty germs out of your home:

1.  The Kitchen: Germs, on germs, on germs…

Contradictory to popular knowledge, the kitchen is the most germ-ridden area in your home (that’s right, not the bathroom), and the mother of all germ transmitters…the sponge.  To all you germaphobes out there…get rid of your kitchen sponge. It is the #1 culprit in spreading germs around the home.  Similar to sponges, dish rags also transmit and carry bacteria. The common denominator here is moisture.  Any material that retains moisture in your kitchen is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.  Save your self the ickiness and upgrade your kitchen with faster drying fabrics — ditch the sponge and the cotton.

2.  The Bathroom: Germ Haven

Towels are the #1 source of germ-spreading in the bathroom.  If you’re not careful, you could use the same towel to wipe your face as someone else used to wipe down their body after the shower…GROSS. Like the kitchen, bacteria thrives on moisturized and damp objects.  Cotton towels are notorious for spreading harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E-Coli. Do yourself and your family a favor and evict your old cotton towels — it’s the 21st century.  Time for an upgrade.  Cotton towels not only take longer to dry compared to alternatives, but they also lose thickness and plushness as you wash them.

This next one may be a no-brainer, but if you haven’t replaced your toothbrushes yet this year — now is the time.  After awhile, toothbrushes develop a bacteria build-up.
This build-up is passed back to you every time you brush your teeth…YUCK.

Another helpful tip in the bathroom to reduce germs is to always flush with the lid closed.  Water vapor is emitted when you flush causing anything in your toilet’s vicinity to get contaminated (yes, including your toothbrush and face towel).

Take Aways

Pay special attention to any and all damp areas of your home. Moisture = germs.
Some products, like Laguna Blue towels, are designed to reduce the development of moisture and scientifically proven to reduce the spread of germs.  Swapping out your old towels, sponges, or any other moisture-ridden fabrics is simple way to reduce the germs in your home.  Have a fun and healthy summer!

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